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Heat Transfer Presses

Discover the full range of Secabo heat presses: Decorate T-shirts, uniforms, and promotional items for businesses, clubs, schools, and fashion. Contact us for any request:

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Heat Transfer Presses

Secabo ® TM5 Mug press

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Heat Transfer Presses

Secabo ® TM1 Mug Press

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Heat Transfer Presses

Secabo ® TM2 Mug Press

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What are heat transfer presses?

Heat transfer presses are machines that are used to transfer images or designs onto a variety of substrates using heat and pressure. Heat transfer presses are commonly used in the printing industry to transfer images onto fabric, such as t-shirts, hats, and other garments, as well as onto other materials such as paper, cardboard, and wood.

Heat transfer presses typically consist of a heat platen and a pressure platen. The heat platen is heated to a high temperature, and the image or design is placed on top of the substrate. The pressure platen is then brought down onto the image, applying pressure to the image and the substrate. The heat and pressure cause the image to transfer onto the substrate, bonding the image to the substrate through a process called sublimation.

Heat transfer presses are typically highly efficient and versatile machines that are capable of transferring a wide range of images and designs onto a variety of different substrates. They are commonly used in a variety of industries, including the printing, apparel, and promotional product industries.