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Discover our wide range of boards, including control boards, motherboards, inkjet boards, power boards, and scanner boards. We offer boards from leading brands such as Roland ®, Mutoh ®, Epson ®, Canon ®, Efi ®, HP ®, and more.

Understanding the Different Types of Boards Used in Large Format Printing

Boards are electronic components that are used to control and monitor various aspects of the printer. Boards are typically responsible for processing input signals, controlling output signals, and communicating with other components of the printer.

There are many different types of boards that are used in large format printers, each of which serves a specific purpose. Some common types of boards include:

Control boards
Control boards are responsible for processing input signals and controlling the various components of the printer, such as the print head, the motors, and the sensors. They are typically responsible for controlling the overall operation of the printer, including tasks such as printing, cleaning, and calibration.

Power boards
Power boards are responsible for supplying power to the various components of the printer. They typically include a power supply unit (PSU) and various power connectors for connecting the printer to an electrical outlet.

Communication boards
Communication boards are responsible for facilitating communication between the printer and external devices, such as computers, tablets, or smartphones. They typically include various interfaces, such as USB ports, Ethernet ports, or Wi-Fi capabilities.

Sensor boards
Sensor boards are responsible for monitoring various aspects of the printer, such as the position of the print head, the temperature of the ink, or the humidity of the environment. They typically include a variety of sensors that are used to collect data and send it back to the control board for processing.