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Color Management

Explore our range of color management tools! Our selection includes a variety of products designed to help you achieve accurate and consistent color in your printing projects. From color calibration devices and software to color profiling tools, we have everything you need to ensure that your prints match your expectations.

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Color Management

X-Rite ® i1Photo Pro 3

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Color Management

X-Rite ® i1Display Pro


Color Management

X-Rite ® i1 Basic Pro 3

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Color Management

X-Rite ® i1Publish Pro 3

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What Is Color Management?

Color management is the process of ensuring that colors are accurately represented and consistent across different devices and media. It involves the use of color profiles, which are mathematical models that describe how a particular device or medium reproduces color, and color management software, which is used to manage and coordinate the use of these profiles.

Color management is important in the printing and graphics industries, where accurate color reproduction is critical for producing high-quality printed materials. It is also important in other industries where color is an important factor, such as in the film and television industry, where accurate color reproduction is essential for creating realistic and visually appealing images.

Color management involves a number of different steps, including:

  • Profiling: Creating a color profile for a particular device or medium, which describes how it reproduces color.
  • Calibrating: Adjusting the settings of a device or medium to ensure that it is producing colors accurately.
  • Mapping: Translating colors from one device or medium to another, using the color profiles of both.
  • Verifying: Checking that the colors produced by a device or medium are accurate and consistent.