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Media Clamps

Explore our range of genuine media clamps and provide stability and control during the printing process, ensuring accurate and high-quality prints.

What are media clamps?

A media clamp for wide format printers is a device or mechanism used to secure and hold the printing media in place during the printing process. Wide format printers are capable of printing on large rolls or sheets of media, such as banners, posters, vinyl, or other flexible materials.

The media clamp ensures that the media remains properly aligned and taut while it passes through the printer. It prevents the media from shifting or wrinkling, which can result in print quality issues or misalignment of colors and elements.

Media clamps typically consist of adjustable brackets or clamps that are positioned on either side of the printing area. These brackets can be tightened or loosened to hold the media securely in place. Some wide format printers may have different types of clamping mechanisms, such as vacuum-based systems that create suction to hold the media in place.