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Rollers ensure that the media is fed accurately and smoothly even at high speeds with our wide selection of genuine pinch rollers, bearings and media clamps.

The Role of Bearings

A bearing is a mechanical component that helps support and guide the movement of parts within a printer. It is typically made of metal and is designed to reduce friction and wear on moving parts, allowing them to rotate or move smoothly. Printer bearings can be found in various parts of a printer, such as in the rollers that move paper through the printer or in the gears that drive the movement of the print head.

The Role of Pinch Rollers

Pinch rollers, also known as feed rollers, are mechanical components that are used to feed media through a printer or cutting plotter. They are typically located in the input tray or feeder of the machine and are responsible for moving the media through the printer or plotter as it is being printed or cut. Pinch rollers are often made of rubber or a rubber-like material, and they work by gripping the media and pulling it through the machine as they rotate. In large format printers, pinch rollers are an important part of the media feeding system and play a critical role in ensuring that the media is accurately positioned and properly aligned as it is being printed or cut.

Pinch rollers should be changed when they become worn or damaged. Over time, the rubber or other material that makes up the rollers can become worn or hardened, which can affect their ability to grip and feed the media accurately. In addition, pinch rollers can become damaged if they are subjected to excessive heat or if they are not cleaned and maintained properly. If the rollers are not functioning properly, it can lead to poor print quality, media jams, or other issues with the printer or plotter. As a result, it is important to regularly inspect and maintain the pinch rollers, and to replace them as needed to ensure that the printer or plotter is operating at its best.