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Media Take Up Systems

Media take up system allows you to wind up printed material and manage production with maximum efficiency. The take up systems allow you to leave production unattended, with the completed job securely wound.


What are Media Take-Up Systems?

Media take-up systems are devices that are used in large format printers to roll up and store the printed substrate after it has been printed. Media take-up systems are typically used in conjunction with roll-fed printers, which use a roll of substrate material that is fed through the printer as it prints.

Media take-up systems consist of a series of rollers or spindles that are used to hold and wind up the substrate material after it has been printed. The rollers or spindles are typically driven by a motor, which allows them to rotate and wind up the substrate material as it is fed through the printer.

Media take-up systems are an important component of large format printers, as they help to ensure that the printed substrate is stored neatly and efficiently after it has been printed. They also help to prevent the substrate from becoming wrinkled or creased, which can affect the quality of the printed image.