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We offer a wide selection of high-quality encoders, including encoder scales, linear scales, encoder boards and more. Our selection of encoders includes both original and high-quality compatible options.

An Introduction to Encoders in Large Format Printing

Encoders are components that are used to measure the position, speed, or rotation of a mechanical component in a large format printer. In large format printers, encoders are typically used to measure the movement of the print head, the movement of the substrate, or the movement of other components such as rollers or gears.

There are two main types of encoders: linear encoders and rotary encoders. Linear encoders are used to measure the movement of a component along a straight line, while rotary encoders are used to measure the rotation of a component around an axis.

Encoders are typically highly precise devices that are able to measure small increments of movement or rotation with a high degree of accuracy.