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Explore our wide range of flat cables, including FPC (flexible printed circuit) cables, FFC (flexible flat cable) cables, and ribbon cables. These types of flat cables are used to connect various components within the printer, such as the print head, control board, and other electronic components.

FFC (Flexible Flat Cable)

Flexible Flat Cable is a type of flat cable that is used in large format printers to connect different components within the printer. These cables are typically made of a flexible, insulated material, such as PVC or PET, and have a series of conductive wires running parallel to one another. They are used to transmit electrical signals between different parts of the printer, such as the print head, the motherboard, and the drive motors. FFC cables are preferred in large format printers because they are lightweight, flexible, and have a low profile, which makes them easier to install and route within the printer. They are also resistant to bending, twisting, and other forms of mechanical stress, which makes them ideal for use in printing applications where the printer is subject to frequent movement or vibration.

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit)

Flexible printed circuit cables are used to connect various components and electrical circuits. These cables are made of a flexible and conductive material, such as copper or aluminum, and are used to transmit data, signals, and power between different components in the printer. FPC cables are used to connect various electrical components, such as sensors, motors, and control boards, in order to allow them to communicate and function correctly. They are typically used in conjunction with connectors and terminals, which allow the FPC cables to be easily connected and disconnected as needed.