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Which Print-Related Blogs Do You Have to Follow and Read?

If you’re into the printing industry, then you need to identify great resources that will nudge you to keep at your game. Even though there is a bunch of print-related blogs out there and it gets overwhelming for print professionals to find the relevant ones. This is why we made a short shortlist of our favorite blogs. Here is the list of 9 best print-related blogs that you should read and learn from:
  • PrintMediaCentr – We can’t strictly speak of blog but it’s definitely worth adding it to the bookmark. Run by the amazing and brilliant Deborah Corn, PrintMediaCentr covers “all facets of print and marketing that create stellar communications and sales opportunities for business success.” You will discover a bunch of relevant content such as articles, podcasts, virtual discussion via their #PrintChat on Twitter and co-hosted by Sandy Hubbard (by the way, follow her on Twitter).
  • Profitable Print Relationships – Print enthusiast, Matthew Parker uses his extensive knowledge of both side of the market (seller and buyer) to help businesses grow their engagement, relationships and profits. To give you an idea of his sales approach, download his free e-book “Ten Common Print Selling Errors and What To Do About Them”.
  • Chillin Printing – The Chilli Printing blog covers many areas around print marketing and design including the likes of new trends, helpful tips, new design inspirations and expert advice.
  • What They Think – If you are looking for market insights, educational publications, trend analysis or industry news, this is the right place. You will find reliable source of information for every segment withing the printing industry: from Wide Format, Inkjet to Label & Packaging.
  • Prepressure – Run by Laurens Leurs, Prepressure was not meant to be blog but an online pressbook about prepress, printing and publishing. It is an incredibly useful and detailed resource that covers all about PDF, fonts, file formats, design and basically… everything Laurens feel most passionate about.
  • The Gill – The Gill is an online font of printing knowledge for print services providers. It has been written by printing industry experts for graphic arts professionals. The blog covers industry news but also print hacks, podcasts where experts discuss the challenges facing the print industry and ways to improve production-based printing business.
  • Two Sides – Two Sides is an interesting blog that aims at demystifying some of the most common misconceptions around print and sustainability. They offer great articles about the benefits print can offer alongside other marketing efforts as well as educational white papers.
  • The Die Line – The Dieline is one of the most visited packaging design blog. Mainly directed to brand designers, consumer brands and agencies, this magnificient blog is a great source of inspiration for innovative design and creativity.
  • For Print Only – This blog is a great source for design and print inspiration. Even though they stopped publishing for a while, it still showcases great projects and it definitely deserves its place on this short list.
It’s time you stay updated on everything that’s happening in the printing industry. This is definitely not a comprehensive but – hopefully – each of these blogs will brings you some value. Your favorite blog isn’t featured in the list? Feel free to comment what YOUR best print-related blog!

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