How To Perform a Manual Maintenance on Mutoh Printers?

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Manual Cleaning Video Tutorial

Do you own a Mutoh wide format printer and find it difficult to perform routine maintenance? Allowing your printer components to clog can cause ink to accumulate in the print heads, potentially causing damage to the entire system. To keep your printer in top shape, watch these video tutorials and follow these easy steps.

Video tutorials for printer models:

ValueJet Series (1204, 1304, 1324, 1604, 1608, 1614, 2638X),and XpertJet Series (461UF, 661UF, 1641SR, 1682SR).

Maintenance on Mutoh ValueJet and XpertJet

Maintenance and cleaning are influenced by factors such as the environment in which your printer resides. Consider the operating temperature and humidity — higher or lower levels can affect the efficiency of your printer. The cleanliness of the region is also important. Learn more

How to perform a Nozzle Check?

VJ-426UF LED lamp maintenance

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